There are several ways to activate Windows 7 using the key.

This is:
Activation over the Internet, by entering the windows 7 product key.
Activation by phone.

Activation over the Internet is the easiest way to him and let’s get started.

To activate through the Internet, right-click on “my computer” to enter windows 7 pro product key property. In the window that opens, click “change product key”

Click the Start button and write in the search line, the word “activation”

Opens a window in which you will be required to enter your windows 7 product key (you can buy from us). After entering the key, click Next, wait a few minutes while the system will check your activation key.

that’s all, product activation completed

As you can see Windows 7 activation over the Internet is a quick and simple way.

If you’re not connected to the Internet or your windows 7 key fails, then you can use the phone activation.

To do this, click Start, and then write in the search line, the word “activation”

In the window that appears, click “Use telephone activation.

Select from the list of your countries.

On the next page you will have access to the phone numbers that you can call Microsoft. Call anytime, menu navigation is performed using the keypad, select Activate Windows by following the voice prompts from the phone keypad, enter the code that appears in the window (9 blocks to 6 digits) after verification you will be dictated by the verification code, enter it (step 3) and complete the windows 7 activation process by clicking next.

That’s all there is to it. Telephone activation is completed.

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