Windows 10 is rewarding in the world at a faster rate, purchase windows 10 product key, but in China, it is still difficult to convince Windows users to upgrade.

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Statistics provided by StatCounter Ltd, July 29 at Microsoft released Windows after 10, as of September 20, only 3.4% users upgrade to Windows 10, which makes Windows 10 Windows market share in China was fourth. Now in the Chinese market, Windows 7 is the undisputed leader, 59.47% market share, purchase windows 7 key, followed by Windows XP, 24.78%,Windows 6.5% 8.1 third in market share.

Windows 10 in the Chinese market less attractive market, China is one of the reasons Windows of widespread piracy, Windows 7 and Windows XP market share a large part is to carry pirated Windows desktop composition, so some computer users do not want to switch to Windows 10, because there was no illegal activation method. Now, these users ‘ Windows system can be a very good job, so they have no incentive to upgrade.

Meanwhile, Windows XP market share in China is alarming many Chinese users still have older hardware may not be able to run Windows 10, windows professional 7 key so the transition to Windows 10 total costs may be higher than initially expected.

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The next few years, Windows 7 may also be Windows market leaders in China, see how Microsoft can convince local users upgrade to Windows 10.

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