And not only that-the first year offered free Windows 10 product key as an upgrade. You have the first upgraded, you will receive updates to your Windows 10 through the product life cycle, according to Microsoft.

Does not apply to all
Though, it is not that simple. Do you have a computer that is still running Windows XP or Windows Vista, you will not get windows 7 product key the offer of a free upgrade. This upgrade only applies to those running Windows 7 or higher.

And do you have a network Board that runs the “lightweight” version Windows RT (a version that was a flop), you will also not get upgraded to Windows 10.

Multiple Windows 10-versions
As with earlier Windows editions will Windows 10 in several versions, and which version you get the upgrade to free, depends on the version you are running today:

Windows 10 Home
This is the Standard Edition for PC’s and Web boards larger than eight inches. It comes with the new Edge browser, voice Assistant, the possibility of Cortana to play Xbox One games on the PC-a and more.

This will be the version you get upgrade to if you use one of Windows 10 Home product key the following versions today:
Windows 7 Home
Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 8
Windows 8.1

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Windows 10 Pro
This is the more advanced version of Windows that in addition to the functions from Home will have more advanced features to protect sensitive data, work outside the Office and it kind of. The Pro version will also be part of the Microsoft Update program for businesses and are therefore aimed at specifically advanced users, or small and medium-sized businesses.

Windows 10 Mobile
Mobile Edition of Windows 10 is, as the name implies, aimed at cell phones and Web boards less than eight inches. This will then be the version that replaces the Windows Phone-this name will disappear completely.

Devices running Windows Phone 8.1 today will get the upgrade to Windows 10. Some features will not be available for all devices, which function as a Contiuum, allows you to connect to the monitor and keyboard and allows you to use your phone as a PC.

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