How to activate Windows 10?

Many people have heard, and some have already tried a new product from Microsoft-Windows 10. But, unfortunately, at the moment there is a problem with the Tablet under the new system.

At the moment there are 2 methods for windows 10 pro key 64 bit activation is not a licensed version. Immediately warn that methods are not 100%, someone will trigger someone 1 none. And so begin in priority order

The first method of activation-KMS server

  • 1) Run command prompt as administrator
  • 2) on the queue, enter the following Windows 10 pro product key commands to the appropriate version of windows. After you enter each command, you must wait for the popup window informing about success
  • 3) Hope and believe that everything turned out. On my own I might add that the way worked 50/50 on 1 computer activated successfully on the second nesrabotalo. The second way is more reliable
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Activation via Re-Loader Activator (new way!)

  • 1) download Reloader-Activator-v1.3-Final.torrent [3.13 MB]
  • 2) Run, worry translated, put a tick on the wind
  • 3) click the button that should have been called “activate”
  • 4) enjoying an activated Windows 10

On my second machine worked this way


  • -updates on August 10, 2015 important and recommended (see note) one second great cumulative;
  • -additional themes, background images, gadgets, user avatars.

Operating system installation

Does not differ from the original operating system installation. OS installation time varies from 20 to 35 minutes depending on the bit depth and power of the computer. Applications cheap Windows 10 pro product key are installed post-install internal OS installer. The contents of the images can be transferred to bootable USB flash drive or burn it to a DVD drive on the corresponding procedure for creating bootable media. Build from entercom in all variants of installation on a real machine with a DVD drive and a bootable USB flash drive. Installation errors not detected. The best option to install from USB drive as the fastest and most reliable. It is recommended that you use to create a bootable USB drive Rufus download.

The health of the Assembly is only guaranteed when it is installed on a “clean”, that is, if you are installing from under the boot of the computer to a blank, formatted partition (disk). So I recommend immediately after installing restart your computer system to accept the settings for the current user. Owners of computers with drives with GPT structure remind that you can only install 64-bit version of the UEFI interface with DVD or USB drive buy Windows 10 product key created in compliance with certain conditions, such as Rufus (UEFI to GPT, FAT32).

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