You have just installed Windows 10 professional and you’re happy. Why, therefore, keep the installation files and other balances from your older version of Windows, even though these files take a significant place on your storage?

It is the purpose of this tutorial Windows 10 Professional that will explain how, with a few clicks, get rid you of those bulky files.

Take everything same care: through manipulation coming, you can no longer go back to your old version of Windows, operation which will anyway not possible 30 days after installing cheap Windows 10 professional key.

In good cleaning!

To restore a bit of air to your hard drive (or your SSD), we’ll just use buy windows 10 product key only a tool proposed by Windows since many versions, namely the Aboriginal ‘disk cleanup ‘. Here are the steps to follow:

1. combine the Windows and R keys to launch Windows 10 Professional product key the “Run” command in Windows.

2. in the field, after ‘Open’, type ‘cleanmgr’ to start disk cleanup.

3. Select the C:\ drive by clicking on ‘OK ‘.

4. the tool searches the items to remove and calculating the potentially freed space. This step takes a few seconds to a few minutes.

5. in the window that opens, find and select from the list the following items:
-‘ The Windows upgrade log files.
-«Previous installations of Windows.
-Windows temporary Setup files.

6. Finally click OK to start the cleaning.

An operation which, depending on your configuration, can take from a few seconds to several minutes.

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