How to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8? This is a question that worries more and more users. The fact of the matter is that “eight” gaining more fans. It is spread around the world, including Russia and Ukraine. Of course, everyone on the computer there is information that you want to save. So the question is, can I upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is an important and relevant topic for today. You can do this. Moreover, there are several ways to update. Preparing the computer before the upgrade, it is worth to know if your PC is ready for this. Whether the programs and drivers work fine on the new operating system. Thanks to Special Assistant from Microsoft Update, you can do this windows 7 product key very simply. The first step is to visit the official Microsoft website and download the Upgrade Advisor. Immediately after launch, it begins to scan your PC, as well as all installed programs and equipment. The scan program will provide information on whether work available software on the new OS. If any programs require reinstallation, the Assistant will warn about this and gives you a list of programs that will not work on the g-8. So, if your computer passes the test, then you are ready to upgrade.

How to update, there are two ways to update the “seven” to Windows 8: using the Upgrade Advisor. Using a bootable drive memory (DVD disc or USB flash drive). In any case, for a start you have to buy an operating system, then you can install it or burn it to a portable drive. The first option is to upgrade to Windows 8 with Windows 7 through the Microsoft Office Assistant. After purchasing the OS through the site you will receive a letter in the mail with a link and activation key. Link leads to the already known us Assistant update.

Further, simply follow the prompts on the screen. The program will offer you three options: install now. Create installation media. Install at a later time from your computer. If you select the first item, then the OS will continue the installation. In this case you will be offered another three courses of action: save settings and personal data of the user. Save personal data. Do not save anything. If on your PC there are important data and programs that you want to save, then choose the first option. If it is important to keep only personal data, then the second. The third option installs a new operating system, removing the old.

Update using a bootable drive in the same way as in the first case, a portable drive, you can perform a rolling upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 straight from the g-7 countries: that is, you do not have to restart the computer, and customize the BIOS. Simply plug the drive with the operating system and run the file Setup.exe. Generally, the system automatically proposes to do this. But, if this does not happen, open file manager, select the appropriate media and run the file manually.

The first version is updated with saving all settings and data. Select it and press “further”. Now the program scans your computer and scans all components are compatible with the new OS. If you encounter any errors, then you will receive a report and a hint about what applications you want to remove or reinstall. During installation YOUR PC will reboot several times. Wait until the Assistant updates the OS. After completing the process you will only have to configure settings for a new operating system.

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