Questions about Windows 10 activation  — among the most frequently asked by users: as the system is activated, where to get an activation key for a clean installation of Windows on your computer 10 why different users the same keys and other such comments regularly meet.

And behold, two months after its release, Microsoft published an official statement with information on the process for the activation of the new operating system.

Official information confirms what has been known previously: those users who upgraded from free Windows 7 and 8.1 to Windows or have bought 10 update in the Windows Store, as well as those who participate buy cheap windows 10 keys in the program Windows Insider, get windows 10 product key without having to enter an activation key, hardware license through a binding (in the article Microsoft is called Digital Entitlement, what will be the official translation, I don’t know yet).

What does this mean for the average user: once you once upgraded to Windows 10 on your computer, it is automatically activated (if you updated with license).

In the future you do not need to study the instructions on “how to find out the key Windows installed 10. At any moment you can create a bootable USB flash drive or CD with Windows 10 official funds and run a clean install (reinstall) OS on the same computer or laptop, missing key wherever it required: activation of the system occurs automatically after you connect to the Internet. Independent input podsmotrennogo earlier after key renewal during windows 10 product key the installation or after it in the properties of a computer in theory may even hurt.

Who needs Windows activation key 10

Now, to the activation key: as has been said, people who have been granted 10 Windows by updating key need not (indeed, as many might have noticed on different computers and different users buy windows 10 key can be one and the same key, if you look at it as one of the most famous ways), because successful cheap windows 10 activation depends on it.

Product key for installation and activation is required in cases where:

You have purchased a boxed version of Windows 10 in store (key is inside the box).
You bought a copy of Windows 10 from an authorized retailer (online-shop)
You purchased Windows 10 through Volume Licensing or MSDN
You have purchased a new device with Windows preinstalled 10 (promise card or sticker with the key included).
As you can see, at the moment few people need a key, and those who need it most likely is and the question of where to find the activation key is not worth it.

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