Microsoft has already started a Windows Update package for Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 systems to distribute, a small Windows icon Windows 10 upgrade icon in the taskbar makes and the user from time to time reminded that Windows 10 before the door is available. What is it in?

Quite simply: With Windows 10 is Microsoft for the first time its operating system to users of previous versions of Windows (more specifically Windows 7 and Windows 8(.1) distribute free. This registers the users of its latest Windows 7 or Windows 8 license key and can get 10 at the date of publication of the upgrade function directly on Windows. According to current information, the former licence key for Windows 7 or 8 then through a new Windows 10 pro key. It exchanges so in a certain way “old” to “new”. This entire procedure is run according to current but only as an upgrade. That is, Windows 10 is installed over the existing system over it, there is no “ordinary” new installation.

In how far Microsoft users will grant the wish of a new installation or whether the community will find a trick to take advantage of the free offer, which is limited in addition to one year, for new installations remains to be seen. It is conceivable, for example, run the upgrade on Windows 10 pro product key through the wizard, to read his new license key after installation of Windows 10 and then dare a new installation with this. Whether that will work? The time will tell.

New installation step by step

We would like to accompany you at this point through the very simple-shaped process of reinstalling Windows 10. To do this, we use the latest technical preview version of Windows 10.

Because this version called insider preview is currently publicly available for all willing to test users to download, the installation is relatively easy. It stay to be seen whether the final version also will be offered by Windows 10 as ISO image file from Microsoft. But at least for buyers of a full or OEM version of the process of a new installation should not fundamentally differ.


With the release of Windows 10 on July 29, 2015, there are two ways in which a new installation can take place: 1. you bought a copy of the operating system on DVD or you have an image file from a digital software purchase as a download. In the best case, Microsoft provides an appropriate image as a third option also for changer Windows 7 / 8 on Windows 10 indicates it is but so far unclear.

After you have so the image file available, it must either be burned onto a blank DVD, from which the installation is started, or one decides buy windows 10 product key for the dubbing of the files on a USB stick.

You decide for the latter option, the “Windows USB/DVD download tool” from Microsoft available that can transfer a Windows 10 image without any problems on a USB, allowing an installation of this media is one.
In four short steps:

  1. Select of the image file
  2. Selection of target drive
  3. Confirmation of the project
  4. as well as the copy operation
  5. The last is the Windows of 10 copied image on a USB stick.

Following a restart of the computer, where the stick is inserted. According to UEFI configuration of machines directly from our should rebuild start Windows 10 installation media. The installation will begin.

After the Setup program is loaded, Windows 10 with a screen to select of the correct language settings is located. In the next window click on the middle button continues to “Install now”.

The license terms, which must be accepted after having thoroughly read, to install Windows 10 will appear.

Like in Windows 7 and 8 queries at the following point, whether to perform an upgrade of an existing operating system or a “custom” installation. The desired new installation hides behind second choice.

After the Windows 10 Setup offers all available disks (hard drives and SSD) to choose, on which the operating system install potentially allows. After selecting the desired hard disk, the actual installation starts with one again click on “continue”. Attention, here it is theoretically possible to choose the installation cheap windows 10 product key would delete existing data in this case an already stuffed hard drive. So just Beware when selecting!

During the process, it may be that the computer restart automatically starts once or twice. Here, it is important to let the computer alone. After the installation is complete, you will be greeted Setup Wizard from the Windows of 10. Made it – welcome to the world of Windows 10!

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