Windows Secrets 10: Users no longer have to store activation key

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10 in Windows, Microsoft changed the activation mechanism, buy windows product key, freeing the user from having to store activation key and enter it again when you reinstall.

New activation mechanism

Windows Microsoft has changed 10 activation method for a specific device. Now data about the activation of your copy of Windows will be stored in the cloud, and after the first 10 Windows activation with possible system reinstall activation will occur automatically without prompting for cheap windows 10 activation key, ZDNet reports.

This is a significant change from previous versions of the OS, because with them key required at each installation.

Key is not required

Also key is not required when you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or 10. Since the previous system has been activated, the activation is maintained in the new system, without the need to enter the key, adds ZDNet.

The new mechanism allows you to reinstall the system without entering a key even after complete removal of data from the hard disk (for example, formatting). This can be useful when a user lost the activation key. Moreover, the key is not required even if you replace the hard disk, increase memory, or change the video card on your computer.

Motherboard replacement

On the other hand, replacement of motherboard is considered for a new computer, so an existing copy of Windows to activate after replacing buy windows 10 product key motherboard when you reinstall already.

The mechanism of activation in Windows 7 and 8

More than 10 years Windows activation based on the unique identifier, which in turn was determined from the hash sum of hardware. Thus, the mechanism to “bind” your copy of Windows to a specific machine, any personal data of the user are not affected.

In Windows 7 and 8 when you activate the ID along with the activation key was recorded in a special database. Later, when the user pereustanavlival the same copy of the OS on the same machine with the same windows 10 pro activation key, activation happens automatically. If you are trying to activate the same copy of Windows on another machine, the process was blocked, since the hash was a different amount.

The mechanism of activation in Windows 10

When a user is updated with Windows 7 or Windows 8, Windows Installer 10 10 is associated with Microsoft servers and checks the current activation status. If installed on a user’s PC copy of Windows is “genuine”, the server generates a Windows license 10 certificate and writes it, along with the ID and information about the Windows version 10 (Home or Pro). Thus, the key is not required. Only requires proof that the current activation on your computer is genuine.

Microsoft is not informed about the change mechanism activation, and gave users the ability windows 10 product key to understand the changes after the fact. buy windows 10 product key, ZDNet notes, this is not a technology, a software developer must explain.

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